Ultramid a3eg5 datasheet 7404

Ultramid datasheet

Ultramid a3eg5 datasheet 7404

Provides good ultramid toughness at low temperatures high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, thermal stability, high rigidity . Ultramid® Polyamides ( PA 6 various copolymers such as PA 6/ 66, PA 66/ 6 , 66, PA 66 , 6/ 66, 6/ datasheet 6T ) The Ultramid grades are polyamide molding compounds based on PA ultramid 6 partly aromatic polyamide. Ultramid® A3EG5 ultramid is a PA66 grade reinforced 7404 with 25% glass fiber. Typical applications include lamp socket housings cooling fans insulating profile for aluminium. components 7404 datasheet housings of high stiffness dimensional stability. Possesses good elastic properties high dimensional stability, high creep strength excellent 7404 sliding a3eg5 friction properties. Ultramid a3eg5 datasheet 7404. Ultramid® A3EG5.
CAMPUS® Datasheet | Ultramid® A3WG5 CAMPUS a3eg5 Datasheet Automotive OEM Datasheet This datasheet of Ultramid® A3WG5 from BASF is provided by the international plastics database CAMPUS. Ultramid A3EG7 is a 35% glass fiber reinforced injection a3eg5 molding PA66 grade for machinery.

Datasheet ultramid

ULTRAMID A3EG5 Product Info Description : Product Data Sheet: View ( 37k) Processing Data Sheet ( pdf) View ( 31k) Confirmation for Customer - “ DRC Conflict Free. Processing Data Sheet Ultramid® A3EG5 07/ PA66- GF25 BASF SE 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany Product description Glass fibre reinforced injection moulding grade for machinery components and housings of high stiffness and dimensional stability such as coil formers and bearing cages. Also used for electrically insulating parts. Physical form and.

ultramid a3eg5 datasheet 7404

Ultramid® - Polyamides ( PA6, PA66, PA6/ 66, PA6T/ 6 ) [ Back ] Product: Name: Colour: Product Info: ULT. This datasheet of Ultramid® A3HG5 from BASF is provided by the international plastics database CAMPUS. Product Information Ultramid® A3EG5 11/ PA66- GF25 BASF SE 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany.